About Me:

I am blessed to be born into a “small” family of twelve children. My father is a talented carpenter, leather crafter and pottery painter. My mother has a great eye for color and spends most of her time quilting for others. My creativity was born out of passion to make each of my siblings something special for their birthdays or Christmas. We had very little in the way of monetary resources but what we lacked in funds we made up for in imagination!

The joy of sharing the creative parts of my personality really took root at age 11. That Christmas I spent many weeks creating small gifts for all of my family. I worked with wood to build shelving, fabric to make vests and hand painted ornaments to hang on our tree. After I saw the joy on their faces, I was hooked on crafting and nothing could stop me.

At age, 15 I started going to craft shows with a very talented neighbor lady creating such items as crocheted doll clothes, decorative hats and small plastic canvas ornaments.

At age, 18 I embarked on a 10 year adventure as a camp craft director for 350 girls ages 5-15. We made everything from lovely scented soap, to vibrantly colored candles to marvelous paper. I also worked at a craft store for several years learning my way around the different inspiring products that are on the market. Currently I spend time each month hosting a craft day with friends and family. These events have brought me to writing my own blog.




About the Blog:

Simple Consideration is a combination of two of my favorite things, (1) creating something beautiful and (2) making people feel loved and cared about.

Consideration means a careful thought. That is all it takes to make someone feel loved… a careful thought. You may think that creating something has to be elaborate or hard but I am going to show you some simple and easy ways to make beautiful things.

I am hoping that this blog will educate and inspire you to spend a few minutes each day, each week, each month or even each year to think about the people in your life who have made a difference. To show them how much you care by surprising them with a thoughtful handmade gift.

I am going to share with you the basics of how to craft, a few of my much loved crafting tools and recipes as well as introduce you to some of my favorite creative people.

Join me on this journey as Simple Consideration and I try to spread some thoughtfulness in a world that is in desperate need of it!