Cricut Iron-On Vinyl Tote Bag

Cricut Iron-On Vinyl Tote Bag

Have you ever been going along, enjoying life, crafting, sewing and baking, thinking to yourself, you are up on all the latest things… and then WHAM you get smacked in the imagination with something AMAZING! I was searching for craft ideas when I ran across cutting vinyl with my Cricut©.  There was a short 2 minute video on YouTube about how it is done so I watched it.  Next thing I know I have opened my Amazon account and starting ordering rolls of vinyl to get started. Well that was the beginning of my Vinyl Obsession.


Sometimes I think I can eat just one Oreo and then a row is gone. Well that is kind of how it feels when ordering vinyl. I started with just one role and soon I found myself wanting more. As you can see from my pile of empty cardboard rolls a couple really wasn’t enough.


I wish I could say that was all I bought but it is not. I found a company online,, that sells a ton of great colors in permanent, removable and iron-on vinyl. They also sell chalkboard and dry erase vinyl for a reasonable price compared to the prices on Amazon. I have tried several different products from this site and they have all been great.



Tips for using Iron-On Vinyl:

If you are like me and just starting out using iron-on vinyl, here are a few things you should know.


Wash Your Article First: I did not wash my first bag before ironing my design on it and when I did wash it the bag shrank almost 2 inches. This made part of my letters fall off. I was able to re-iron the pieces back on but there is a little wrinkle in one of the letters.

Let Cool: After ironing on the pieces give it just a minute or two to cool before peeling the plastic off. This will give the vinyl time to really adhere to the bag.

Choose Cotton: Cotton is a good choice when looking for articles to design. It requires a cotton setting to get the vinyl to stick. Polyester items may melt.

Plastic Up: When laying out your bag make sure the plastic is facing up and the vinyl is against the bag. If you do it the opposite way you will have a very colorful pressing clothe.

Let’s Get Started

Time to make the tote. Check out the Simple Consideration YouTube page to watch the four step process for creating this wonderful tote.

YouTube – Cricut Iron-On Vinyl Tote


Talk to you soon!

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