Intergalactic Bead Show: No Star Trek Uniform Required

Intergalactic Bead Show: No Star Trek Uniform Required

I know if may sound like a funny name but the Intergalactic Bead Show is a great time. My sister and I

recently hosted a jewelry making party. It was great fun and you can see in this post some of the

wonderful things people made.


Kelcey made this beauty!

It got me thinking about the bead show and how AWESOME it is to go. I went out to the sight and low

and behold the bead show is in Nashville this coming weekend. Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s

Father’s Day weekend and I am pretty sure your husband does not want to go to the bead show. That

may be true however if you don’t have all weekend plans to spoil that special Dad in your life I highly

recommend this event.


This sweet heart necklace Julie designed.


The bead variety is amazing and at many booths you will find prices that are more reasonable then what you can find at Hobby Lobby. (You won’t hear me say that often.) They usually have great metal pieces, beautiful glass and pearls in every size and color.


This is one set of the Swarovrski Crystal earrings that Lindsey made.


If you have a wedding coming up and can’t find jewelry… Go there… get some beads and make some.


Adrianna designed this trendy Key necklace.


They also usually have people doing jewelry demos. I have been inspired by some of the pieces I have

seen there. I don’t where a lot of jewelry myself but I love making it for others. This event is a must see if

you like pretty, shiny things.


Jacque made this lovely blue and green set. It reminds me of the sea.



Live Long & Make Jewelry!

Talk to you soon.

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