Pom Pom Hearts: Fun, Fuzzy, & Unforgettable

Pom Pom Hearts: Fun, Fuzzy, & Unforgettable

Do you have yarn in baskets, bags, boxes or tucked away in the closet of your craft space? Pom pom makers (Click here for a four pack.) are the perfect way to transform that random yarn into something beautiful. I recently hosted a craft day with some of my favorite people; where we created some gorgeous pom pom hearts to celebrate Valentine’s Day.┬áCheck out my YouTube videos on how to create a stunning heart for your home.

Supplies Needed:

  • Variety of yarn
  • Pom pom makers in two sizes
  • Plastic canvas 5 mesh
  • Ribbon
  • Misc. Tools: Scissors, sharpie, thin crochet hook (optional)

Basic Steps:

  1. Create the pom poms for your heart. View video 1.
  2. Cut the plastic canvas to the designed shaped. The numbers below are described in the video. View video 2.
    • 29 up
    • 2 over
    • 10 up
    • 1 over
    • 5 up
    • 9 on the diagonal
    • 11 over
    • 9 on the diagonal
    • 14 down
    • Repeat for the other half
  3. Tie the pom poms to the plastic canvas. View video 3.
  4. Hang with a ribbon. End of video 3.

Check out some of the hearts that were made during the craft day. Thanks ladies for letting me share your amazing creations.

five hearts


Talk to you soon!

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