Sweets & Bunnies: Felt Lollipop Pattern

Sweets & Bunnies: Felt Lollipop Pattern


Sweets and bunnies are two great parts of Easter, so why not put those two things together. This is a wonderful project to do for the kids in your life or with the kids in your life.


If I tally all of my nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews the total comes out to a little over THREE DOZEN (For more info on me check out About for this blog). This year I am going to spend Easter with the majority of the three dozen. That means I’m  leaving behind my Tennessee nieces and nephews. My TN kiddos are my friends children who I have adopted to sugar up, watch shows, play ball and teach to craft.  I wanted them to have a little something from me for Easter. This project is fairly simple. It requires good cutting skills, gluing and a simple straight stitch.


What is a straight stitch you ask? Glad you did. Here is the basics of a straight stitch. You start from the back of your piece of felt and bring your needle up at A. Then put your needle back into the felt at B. The distance between stitches is up to you but the smaller and more close together the more secure your project will be. I recommend about a 1/4 inch apart. Everyone get out your ruler and practice… Just Kidding! No need for a ruler, just eyeball it. You can do it. Continue the process, come up at C and down at D and so on until you have sewn around your project.



Image 1_Stitch Seq.


For our Bunny Lollipop we will only use the straight stitch to sew around the bunny. The eyes, ears, and nose of the bunny will be glued on.

Here is your supply list:

Pattern – I recommend you print it on card stock so it is easy to trace around.

Bunny Lollipop Pattern


  • Bunny Colors: Black, Brown, White, Cream:  You can get 2 bunnies out of each 8X10 piece of felt
  • Light Pink for the outer eyes and nose
  • Dark Pink for the ears
  • Black for the inner eye

White Puff Paint – for the eyes

Thread to match your bunny colors

Ribbon or String


Tools: Sharp Scissors, Felt Glue or an All Purpose 3-IN-1 Glue, Disappearing Marker or Fine Point Marker for tracing on felt and (optional) Clear Ouchless Elastics




Step 1: Cut out the pattern pieces from the pattern print out. Set the bunny placement guide aside to refer to later.

Image 2_Pattern Pieces & Felt

Step 2: Trace the pattern pieces on to the specific felt colors for each pattern piece using the disappearing ink marker. You can find these for a few dollars at your local craft stores with the sewing notions.

Image 6_Pen

Step 3: Cut out the felt pieces.

Step 4: Choose the front of the bunny and using the placement guide place the ear, eye and nose pieces on the front of the bunny.

Image 3_Placement

Step 5: Glue the pieces into place. Let the glue dry. The 3-IN-1 glue dries within five minutes. While waiting, thread the needle for stitching the two bunny pieces together.

Image 5_Glue

Step 6: Use a straight stitch to sew the two bunny pieces together leaving the bottom open.

Bunny Stitch Guide

Step 7: Use the puff paint to add a triangle accent to the eye. Let the paint dry completely before moving to the next step.

Image 8_Puff Paint

Step 8: Use the ribbon to cinch up the ears. Insert the lollipop. Use another ribbon to cinch up under the nose.

Image 7_Ribbon

Tip: I used the clear elastics here to help hold things in place. Then I tied the ribbon over the elastics.

Image 4_Ouchless

Continue the steps until you have enough Bunny Lollipops for the ones you LOVE. Happy Crafting!


Talk to you soon!



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