Whoever Has the Most Paper When They Die Wins!

Whoever Has the Most Paper When They Die Wins!

If you’re a paper crafter as I am then I’m sure you can relate to the title of this post. It seems like we will go out of our way to buy paper, find a good sale, search through shelves of clearance and locate that one special piece of paper that all too often sits on a shelf for months…maybe years!

A few months back I was wandering around the paper aisle of my local Hobby Lobby. I was looking at the pads of paper. There are some for boys, some for girls, some for weddings and some for pets. Some of the pads are made of chalkboard paper, some white board paper and some of burlap.

I was just checking out each one thinking I could use this to make invitations or I could make this one into an art piece for some frames I got on sale for the guest room. Oh, this one is cool I could use this for my decoupage projects. Then I picked up that $20 pack of paper and I thumbed through it and I found a piece of paper that sparked a memory. I love it… its perfect… its bright and colorful and remember how when I was little and my parents got me a new View Master for my birthday! This is it… I LOVE this paper.


Then the inevitable happens. The paper ends up in my cart and then my craft room and then six months later I stumble across it when I’m cleaning up my Christmas projects and I think, what was I going to do with this?

Paper Stac

Well I’m not ashamed to say that happened to me. When I looked at the Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine paper pack buried under some Easter fabric and some Christmas wrapping paper on my craft table I thought to myself, this would make a good blog post. What can I do with this paper? Why not explore the possibilities. This post will be the first of hopefully several posts of how I used the pad of paper (I bought out of emotion instead of need) to create some bright things.


The pad I bought has some great sunny summer images and as I flipped through the colorful pages inspiration started to flow. The first thing I thought about was how this paper would be great for kids to make their own summer vacation travel journal.


When I take a trip I like to have a small notebook and an envelope to take along. I use the notebook to record my favorite things, my happy thoughts and the places I have been. I use an envelope to keep my treasures, items such as brochures from places I have been, tickets of shows I see or trinkets from local gift shops.

Treasure Page

I am sure you can imagine that as one of twelve children we did not vacation much. Our trips were usually out to western NE to see our relatives. However it was still a six to eight hour car ride, there was a pan of Grandma Jane’s fried chicken and Grandma Phyllis’s German sausage, and the itchy hay bales to get stuck in. There were scary moments playing hide and seek, close calls being chased by the chickens and laughter over an ice cream cone from a road side stand. These memories were kept safe in my travel journal.

Snack Page

My three great nieces recently visited us and we spent a couple of hours making their vacation books. It was a ton of fun.

Here is what you need to let your kids make one for themselves.

  • Some summer paper and colored cardstock
  • Photo flip pockets (I found these at Michaels. They are plastic open ended envelopes for treasures and pictures. They come in a few different sizes so match them to your journal size. I used 3” X 4”.)
  • Some embellishments (I had some in my stock of supplies.)
  • A blank journal (I found some in the summer items at Hobby Lobby.)
  • Glue, scissors, and a paper cutterSupplies Journal

View Master Page


Here are a few page ideas that I created but there is not a wrong way to decorate your pages.


Flip Flop Page


Vacations are great fun and often all you are left with are the pictures, the small treasures and your memories.

These books will help extend those memories year after year.

Sun Page

Rainbow Page








Talk to you soon!



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