Is Kindness Dead?

Kindness, Thoughtfulness, Consideration … these things are not dead, they are just hiding. These things are hiding in each of YOU, eager to get out like a five year old who got a new bike on Christmas. They are burning in each of you waiting for someone to open the door and show you the way.

 Welcome to Simple Consideration.

Thanks for taking the time to drop by!

 Simple Consideration is going to strive to do two things:

  1. Help discover your inner creative kindness.
  2. Turn that kindness into something marvelous, so you can share it with those around you.

We are going to create things out of many different mediums from paper to cloth, yarn to beads and baking to floral arranging. There is a niche for each creative person in the world and we are going to explore the possibilities and find one that is right for you.


I have the honor of being surrounded by very talented and creative people who will share their passion and imagination with you through a Meet a Fellow Crafter segment each month. We will also take a look at the products on the market. The right tools make the job easier and help you to create things that look GREAT. I will share with you which ones are the best, where to find them and how to get them for the best price. (Crafters Love a SALE!)


Maybe time has been holding you back from letting your creative juices flow? Time can be a factor to anything however some of our projects will take only a few minutes and others we will start early so we have plenty of time to get them down. One of the key factors in any worthwhile project is organization. If organization is not your thing I can help, it practically runs through my veins.


Next post we are starting with the basics, BUTTONS. I love buttons! I have actually attended button shows, where millions of brightly colored buttons can be heard clinking through peoples hands or even being run across their teeth to see if they are glass. There is something about a jar of buttons that sparks the imagination. We are going to use buttons to make a Hugs & Kisses Valentine.

In order to do this you will need to know how to thread a needle. Don’t know how? No worries. For your homework, watch this quick two-minute video on how to thread a needle. Then all you have to do is subscribe to my blog and watch for my next post… Hugs & Kisses Button Valentine.



Talk to you soon!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the Hugs & Kisses Valentines. I’m always looking for something fun especially for my Secret Sister.

    • Stay tuned. Next week I am going to show you a few fun cards for Valentine’s day.

  2. I’m so excited about your new blog!! You are so encouraging to me and your gift of crafting is awesome! Can’t wait to learn from you. Happy crafting days ahead. Thank you Carrie for sharing your talent(s).

    • Can’t wait to share a bit more. Thanks for visiting the site.

  3. Carrie, your blog looks beautiful! Best wishes on this new endeavor!


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