Whole 30: Great Detox – Takes Some Time

Whole 30: Great Detox – Takes Some Time

Sarah and I recently finished the Whole 30 detox which Spoiler Alert is really about a Whole 45 detox. If you are considering taking on this detox here are a few things I would recommend:

  1. Plan to take some time cooking. The eating out options are limited. To be honest it made me nervous to eat out because what if I ate something I shouldn’t and had to start over.
  2. Make a Menu. Making a weekly menu is a great way to save time, ensure you have food you like and avoid those tempting moments when you would normally just eat a bowl of cereal.
  3. Fruits and Veggies are your friend. I had to snack between meals but nuts and fruits and veggies made that really easy.
  4. Guacamole is multi-use food. Guacamole served as a spread for meat and veggie roll ups, a salad dressing and a dip. Make your own or grab some from the store. There are several brands that are compliant. Also, before this I didn’t eat Guacamole but I found it really helpful during this process. I will continue to eat it.
  5. Coffee Creamer. Sarah and I went through quite a few almond milks, almond creamers, coconut milk, coconut milk and almond milk combos before finding a creamer that was creamy, not gritty and flavorful. Nutpods Dairy Free Creamer Hazelnut. Delicious with a capital D. Since finishing whole 30 we have not gone back to the old creamer. The only draw back is you have to order it online.
  6. Support. This is not a detox you want to take on without support. It’s hard, it’s long and it’s WORTH IT. Support makes a big difference when undertaking something that removes ALL sugar from your diet. Sugar was only a small issue for me but cheese is one of my Love languages. It was a hard to go without it but not impossible.

The cooking and label reading for our whole 30 detox took most my time this last few months. That being said, I have figured out how to work with this new way of eating as well as craft, cook and create so watch for new posts coming soon.

Enjoy some Healthy Eating!

Talk to you soon!

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