Cut, Fold, Stick, Punch, and Admire!

Cut, Fold, Stick, Punch, and Admire!

This post will share with you the top five must have tools for crafting with paper. Can you do it without them? Sure you can, however the right tools not only make the process easier but it also makes the end result look better. There are literally hundreds of tools for card making and scrapbooking but this post will share with you the ones I would not do without.

1.) Paper Cutter: A good, sharp paper cutter is very important for cutting paper to the correct size for scrapbook pages, card embellishments and even trimming photos. Paper cutters come in many sizes. I use two types of paper cutters, one 12” cutter and one 6”cutter. You can usually find both size cutters for less than $25 each. Getting a clean sharp cut is the key.

paper cutter

2.) Bone Folder: A bone folder is used to create that perfect crease and for scoring paper to make folding easier. You can also use it to make a temporary mark on fabric.  A bone folder can be found in any craft store as well as department stores like Wal-Mart or Target. They range in price from $4.00 to $8.00.

Bone Folder

You can see from the image below that a bone folder makes a huge difference in how flat your card lays and how professional your project looks.  The card on the left was folded without a bone folder and the card on the right was folded with a bone folder. Quite a difference.

folded card

3.) Adhesive Squares: An adhesive square is basically a double stick tape square. They are perfect for adding background paper to cards and scrapbook pages, sticking down pictures and attaching embellishments. I love these adhesive squares!

Adhesive Square

You may ask, why you can’t just use a glue stick. That is a good question. A glue stick does do all of the things I mentioned,  however if you have to move an item then a glue stick leaves behind a sticky residue. It can also sometimes clump up behind the paper. These squares never clump, and most of them are repositionable. Repositionable means if you don’t like where it is, you can move it for a short time before it sticks permanently. I have personally found that very useful.


4.) Glue Pen: Two forms of glue in my top five? I know what you’re saying, this lady is crazy, but hear me out. Glue pens are a great way to adhere small items to any project. There are two types of glue pens, one with a chisel marker tip and one with a pen tip. I recommend one of each (or two, or twelve of each).

Glue Pens

Glue pens are a little harder to find. Hobby Lobby, Michaels and JoAnn’s usually have them but if you want to save a trip to the store you can order them online. Click here to find them at Archiver’s in two sided pens, individual pens, or even in bulk. You will pay about the same price online or in the store. The bulk price is better than what you can find at the store(unless they are on sale). If you plan on being a paper crafter I would order the two sided pens in bulk.


5.) Crop-A-Dile: A Crop-A-Dile is a hole punch and eyelet setter, all in one. I have other hole punches and I have tried using the eyelet setters that require a hammer and punch but nothing works as well as this tool. A crop-a-dile can be a little pricey, they range from $30-$45. This is a perfect tool to purchase with a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn’s. It may seem extravagant but it’s a must have, versatile tool for paper crafting.


Having the right tools saves time and money and makes the end result more polished and beautiful. I hope these tools help you get started on paper crafting. If you’re a paper crafter already share with me your favorite paper crafting tool.

Talk to you soon!


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