Xyron Sticker Maker – A Low Tech Best Friend

Xyron Sticker Maker – A Low Tech Best Friend

Have you ever looked at tiny little pieces of paper and wondered how in the world am I supposed to glue that onto anything? Or maybe you want to say Ready to Pop on 50 baby shower invites and need to make stickers of the one inch letters you cut.

This is where the helpful XYRON sticker maker comes in. You have probably even looked at this plastic X in the paper crafting isles of your local craft store and thought what the heck is that thing? Xyron makes stickers in different sizes everything from 1 ½ inches to 9 inches.

I’m here to tell you it’s your best friend. I use it for everything from a penguins tiny beak on my Christmas tags to making my own phrase stickers to converting plain ribbon to self-adhesive ribbon. I have often found that kid’s craft kits come with tiny pieces of fun foam but no way to glue them together. This tool fixes that too. You can send fun foam pieces through it just as easily as you can paper.


The Xyron sticker maker comes with two types of sticky paper refill cartridges. One is permanent, meaning once you stick it in place and push down then don’t expect to move it. The other is a repositionable cartridge, meaning once you stick your piece down you will have a little time to move it around before if stays in place. They cost anywhere from $5-$7 dollars for the 1.5” cartridges. This will make 20 feet of stickers. I like to have both types of cartridges on hand.



Shopping Tip: I watch for them to go on sale or use a coupon. Hobby Lobby, JoAnns and Michaels all have 40% off coupons in their ads, emails or receipts. Use them to stock up on craft “staples”.


Let me show you how it works. Let’s say you decide to make 30 of your closets friends some Penguin gift tags for their Christmas parcels. Great idea! So you cut out all of the pieces and you go to assemble them and you notice that the pieces are quite tiny.

Tag Pieces

A ballpoint glue pen will help with the red for the hat but the beak and the pin wheel for the lollipop are a bit much to hold on to and try to glue.

Glue pen



This is where you grab for your Xyron 1.5 inch sticker maker. One side of the X shape has a shoot that the pieces go in. Place your small pieces down into the shoot so they are tucked in the crevice as if you are feeding them through an old time wringer washer (click this link if you don’t know what a wringer washer looks like.)

Feed Shoot


Next turn the Xyron machine around and from the opposite side you will see some sticker paper hanging above a set of plastic teeth. These teeth are used to cut the sticker paper. Pull on the paper and your pieces from the other side will catch on the sticker paper and pull through this side.


Finished Shoot


Use the plastic teeth to cut the sticker paper and now your pieces are ready to rub and use. Just as the paper says you need to rub around each of the pieces and then peel off the clear plastic top. What this is doing is sticking the sticker part of the paper that is not stuck to your pieces to top plastic piece of the paper so that all that is left when you peel off the top layer is your stickers. This is a great job for little ones because you can’t rub them too much. If the pieces have a bunch of angles such as curvy letters then I use a popsicle stick or bone folder to work around the edges.


Once you have rubbed it all over then peel off the clear plastic top layer. What is left on the wax paper layer is your paper pieces with a sticky back.

Individual Pics


Now that you have created your stickers you can assemble your penguin and your tag.

Feature Image

Well done! Only 29 more tags to go. Get a Xyron sticker maker! It is a low tech tool that you will not be sorry you bought.


Talk to your soon!


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